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What's it like in the off-peak season?

The Lake District is a fabulous place to visit all year round ...
Cloud inversion and frost on the ground, beautiful off season lake district scene, Langdale Valley
Cloud inversion and frost on the ground (photo 9th December 2022)

The changing colours of the leaves on the trees and the browning of the bracken in Autumn, the snow on the tops of the mountains in Winter and the twinkling Christmas lights ensures the Lake District is a fabulous place to visit all year round.  Along with cloud inversions and spectacular sunsets there's still plenty to see and do plus lantern parades and Christmas markets.

Being a mountainous region with a high level of rainfall it's wise to check the weather forecast before setting out and some visitor attractions may have shorter hours or close during these months.   Wearing appropriate clothing and knowing where to find the combination of a roaring log fire and a hot chocolate with all the trimmings helps improve the day and the experience.  

The Lake District covers over 900 square miles and is the largest of England's National Parks.  It is home to England's highest mountain and longest lake and the U-shaped valleys you will see were formed by glaciers melting over 10,000 years ago.   Did you know that Cumbria has a fine coast with beaches and harbours to explore, some of them are even within the Lake District National Park so it's easy to go, for example, from Ambleside to the seaside.

So why does it rain so much in the Lake District?  A frequent question in the winter months.   The prevailing westerly winds come across the Atlantic Ocean collecting large amounts of moisture.  The air then hits the mountains of the Lake District causing the air to rise where it cools.  The moisture then condenses to form rain. Sometimes when it has been raining in the valleys and the world seems dark and grey, the clouds clear, a rainbow might appear or if you're really lucky, the rain has fallen as snow and the tops of the mountains look beautiful against a fresh blue sky.

An adventure in the Lake District can involve the great outdoors but if you want an escape from the weather and extend your knowledge there are fascinating places to visit.   Historic houses tucked away, castles with legends galore, art galleries and museums - Cumbria has them all and in abundance.